• JVC BN-VF733 Battery

    JVC BN-VF707 battery
    800mAh 7.4V(Compatible
    with 7.2V)

  • JVC GR-D250 Battery

    JVC GR-D250 Battery
    800mAh 7.4V(Compatible
    with 7.2V)

  • Replacement For JVC BN-VF714 Camcorder Battery

    JVC BN-VF714 Camcorder Batteries
    7.4V/7.2V, 1400mAh

  • Sony Camcorder NP-FP50 Battery

    Sony NP-FP50 Battery
    750mAh 7.4V(Compatible
    with 7.2V)

  • sharp bt-h21 battery

    Sharp BT-H21 Battery
    Volts: 3.6V
    Capacity: 2200mAh

  • Replacement For Samsung SB-LSM80 Camcorder Battery

    Samsung SB-LSM80 Camcorder Batteries
    700mAh 7.4V/7.2V

  • CANON NP-E3 Battery

    Canon NP-E3 camcorder Batteries
    2200 mAh 12V

  • SONY NP-F330 Battery

    Sony NP-F330 Battery
    2300mAh 7.4V(Compatible
    with 7.2V)

  • Charger for canon bp-2l12

    BP-2L12 Battery Charger
    Input : AC 100V-240V,
    300mA, 50/60Hz.
    Output : DC12V, 500mA

  • JVC BN-VF733 Charger

    BN-VF733 Battery Charger
    Input : AC 100V-240V,
    300mA, 50/60Hz.
    Output : DC12V, 500mA

  • Canon CB-2LV Camcorder Battery Charger

    CB-2LV Battery Charger
    Input: AC 100V-240V,
    300mA, 50/60Hz.
    Output: DC12V, 500mA

  • SB-LSM80 Camcorder Battery Charger

    SB-LSM80 Battery Charger
    Input: AC 100V-240V ,
    300mA , 50/60Hz
    Output: DC 12V , 500mA

  • Duracell DR12 Battery

    Duracell DR12 Camcorder Battery
    Volts: 6.00V
    Capacity: 2200mAh

  • HITACHI DZ-GX20E Batteries

    DZ-GX20E Camcorder Batteries
    700mAh 7.4V(Compatible
    with 7.2V)

  • canon BP-2L12 Battery

    canon BP-2L12 Battery
    Capacity : 1450mAh
    Voltage : 7.4V( compatible
    with 7.2V )

  • Sony NP-F970 Battery

    Sony NP-F970 Camcorder Battery
    6600mAh 7.4V (Compatible
    with 7.2V)

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  • Samsung SB-LSM160 charger
  • Panasonic CGA-DU07 charger
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  • Sony NP-F960 charger
  • Samsung SB-LSM80 charger
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  • Canon BP-2L12 battery BP-2L12 li-ion battery
  • Sony NP-F970 battery li-ion NP-F970 battery
  • Sharp BT-H21 batteriesSharp BT-H21 battery
  • BN-VF823 JVC battery
  • Samsung SB-LSM160 battery