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Best Canon NB-2LH Battery Charger selling cheap online

We specialize in camcorder batteries and battery chargers . We have camcorder batteries and battery chargers for Canon , Duracell , Hitachi , JVC , Panasonic , Samsung , Sharp and Sony . Website-Camcorder Batteries ORG is your discount source for battery chargers that are hard to find ! Our online shop retail camcorder battery with nearly wholesale prices to our customers . Our batteries and chargers are good but cheap because we are a special distributor who are a manufacturer ourselves and we have a lot of first class parterners.

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Description :

Canon NB-2LH Battery Charger
  1. Canon NB-2LH Battery Charger is designed to take full advantage of high-capacity rechargeable camcorder batteries.
  2. This replacement NB-2LH charger 100% compatible with original NB-2LH charger
  3. And comes with full one year quality assurance.
  4. Take Canon NB-2LH battery and charger together will cheaper.
  5. Also a completely campatiable multiple Canon Battery Charger.

1450mAh , 7.4V( compatible 7.2V )


  • Specifications
  • Campatible Code
  • Fit Model

Canon NB-2LH Charger Specifications :

  • Model to fit : CANON BP-2L12 Battery Charger
  • Condition: Brands New , Shipping Fast
  • Model to fit : CANON NB-2L Battery Charger
  • Condition: Brands New , Shipping Fast
  • Charger Type :Li-ion Battery Charger .
  • Charger Type :LI-ION Battery Charger .

Canon NB-2LH Charger Warranty

  • Top-off charging after full charge detection , precision end-of-charge voltage detection guarantees full charging of battery . It also monitors temperature effect - No overheating . The charger charges batteries from any level to full capacity .
  • 100% compatible with OEM NB-2LH Battery charger .
  • Full 1 year warranty,30 days money back guarantee !
  • Check your order before 2:30PM we will usually ship the same day
  • We are working hard to make your online shopping experience easy , fast , convenient and Safe . Please let us know what you think . We are always here to serve your needs and provide quality service .
  • Secure Shopping

    Shopping from us is safe and secure.None of
    our customers have never reported fraudulent use of
    their cridit


    Canon NB-2LH Battery Replace Codes for Camcorder Batteries:

    • Canon BP-2L12
    • CANON CB-2LW
    • Canon BP-2L14
    • CANON CB-2LE
    • Canon NB-2L
    • CANON CB-2LT
    • Canon NB-2LH
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